Sunday, July 6, 2008

Choose Civility, Senility, Stupidity

Cranky has been busy lately, and hasn't had time to write about anything of substance, but the long Fourth-of-July weekend allowed Cranky to reflect on a few things.

The first being the wonders of the "Choose Civility" campaign that is sweeping Columbia by storm. It seems like every soccer mom, AARP member, and Baby Boomer is on board with this ineffectual grassroots civility message. Every time I get behind a Toyota Avalon in the fast lane going 35 in a 55-mph zone, or a mini-van cuts me off because they can't use their side mirrors, they invariably have a "Choose Civility" sticker on their bumper. It's almost a guarantee that anyone with one of these stickers is somehow going to "fail" at exercising common courtesy while driving in Columbia.

Cranky applauds the makers of the "Choose Civility" bumper stickers for helping him identify dangerous drivers in Howard County. Additionally Cranky applauds the makers of the "Choose Senility" sticker. See this for more information on this hilarious spoof.

If the makers of the "Choose Senility" modification read this blog, please contact Cranky, so I can donate to your campaign. Additionally, if at all possible, please create also create a "Choose Stupidity" sticker! :-)